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Why we are called
"The Universe in a Pocket"

If you look in the pocket of a child's favorite clothes, you will often find a lot of interesting objects that adults usually call garbage: cones, sticks, wrappers, shells, stones, etc. For a child, these objects are endowed with meaning - they are his or her wealth, his or her treasure. This is his world, special and unique. And each child has his or her own UNIVERSE IN A POCKET, which we treat with great respect at our School.

10 Years of School History

Over the years, we have managed to create a cozy and safe atmosphere in which children enjoy developing. Also we have managed to create a strong community that is getting bigger and stronger every year. 


In 2013 the Obolon branch was opened. The premises are equipped according to all the rules of Montessori space: materials are freely available and children can make their own choices. In summer, it is pleasant to run barefoot on the soft lawn, and you can hide from the sun in the gazebo. There are many plants, a sensory path for barefoot walking and children's personal gardens.


Our second branch was opened in Bucha in 2018. In 2020, we moved to a new location. In addition to a cozy Montessori space for Preschool, there was a Toddler class. Very young children from the age of 1.5 feel comfortable, the space was designed to meet their age characteristics and needs.


We organized trips out of town, picnics and excursions. We spent the night with tents in the summer and went to the snowy mountains in the winter. We organized an unforgettable summer camp where children were engaged in creativity and inspired by nature. We prepared incredible performances in which parents were directly involved. We studied ourselves and shared our knowledge with everyone at special courses and trainings.  


Over the 10 years of the kindergarten's existence, dozens of families have visited our institution. Many of them have become our family. Pаrents returned with their second and third children. They recommended us to their friends. It is specially gratifying to see our graduates become classmates and continue to be friends after graduation. Adults have also found friends among the parents of our school, and many of them continue being friends after graduation. We see them communicating, helping each other, traveling and spending time together.

After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, we stopped operating in the kindergarten premises for some time. When the opportunity arose, we started working with children online. We held art and English lessons and tried to keep in touch with our usual circle of friends.

The premises in Bucha were damaged during the shelling of the city and it is impossible to resume the work of the kindergarten there now. The Obolon branch has survived and we hope that it will soon reopen its doors to our families and new friends.

A new chapter

Now it's time to write a new chapter in our history. Here in Canada. We opened a school in Canada because we believe that our experience will benefit local families. We want to share our knowledge, teach adults and children to be kind, independent, and respectful of each other and nature.

Our Team

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