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Our Families Tell About Us

Over the 10 years of the kindergarten's existence, many families have come to us. And each of them became our friends — our families. We celebrated joyful events, went on trips and raised children together. When children graduated from the kindergarten, it was very sad to let them go. That's why every time they come to visit us, it's a real celebration.


Hector's and Kyra's Family

Both of our children — Kira and Hector studied in this kindergarten and graduated from it. The children were happy here. Every day they went to the kindergarten, as to a place where they have fun, where they are loved and expected. There they found their first friends. Friends who later became their classmates and their friendship continues to this day. Kindergarten gave the children a lot: taught independence, communication, friendship, help to those who need it. The children had fun, interesting and safe.


Stepan's Family

A wonderful garden. It would be more correct to say home. A home to which my daughter always rushes, where there is an atmosphere of acceptance, love and warmth. Professional teachers who go after the child and his needs, investing their love and attention in each child. And what wonderful holidays! The feeling of warmth and family.


Matthew's Family

This is the best kindergarten! It is cozy, warm, kind. Teachers give children a lot. My son has matured a lot in the first six months, he adores the teachers (and so do I). This is the place that meets all our needs and is unrealistic to find in that region.Now kindergarten moved and reached a new and even better level. The space is bright, new, cozy. All materials are freely available, there are English classes with a professional teacher (and my son is delighted with her), choreography, art culture, music, swimming pool. The child is constantly engaged, we are calm that there is enough for development.We looked at other kindergartens, but believe me - you will not find anything like this. The world in your pocket — we adore you!


Anastasia's Family

I couldn't imagine that there is a place where a child would want to go every day and come back in a great mood. Nevertheless, it exists!

Our family is very happy, the child is very happy.
The class staff, individual approach, transparency (you can write to the teachers during the day to clarify things, or just ask them to give something to the child).
Another plus from my daughter's words: very good food. According to Montessori approach the child is not forced to do anything, but tries to interest. The garden is good for our daughter and we are very happy about it.


Leo's Family

I know how difficult the choice is: who to entrust your baby to when he's older and parents need to continue "conquering the world. And not just leave it under supervision from bell to bell, but to give the baby the opportunity to actively develop. After all, what is laid down in such a tender age - the foundation of the basics in all respects. We had a love for "school" from the first visit. The feeling that it was not us who found it, but it was us. The space, the atmosphere, the people, the attitude - everything here is imbued with respect, love, care, attention, understanding. Here you will find the right word and approach, here you will have a thirst to learn and discover, here you will discover your potential, here you will be guided and encouraged by your parents. Little kids, like seeds, get into such fertile soil that they never cease to amaze you day after day. We could write for a long time. But it is better to see both the "school" and the kids yourself, and to get a feel for whether this is "your" garden.


Lika's Family

The best kindergarten! My daughter goes to the kindergarten with joy, the children are very independent, they respect each other's boundaries, which is important. Thanks to the bilingual environment my daughter started speaking to us in English, asking to read books in English, songs in English too. I haven't seen such materials with which the children work in any other kindergarten! The atmosphere is very warm, kids help each other, support each other, even going on vacation, we missed each other so much. All the teachers were trained in Montessori system. We love the kindergarten very much!


Andru's Family

A magical place where a child goes with great joy to learn about the world, meet friends and grow up! Montessori system, bilingual environment, a lot of live music and incredible teachers.

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