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The Montessori Method

At our School we pay great attention to the child's personality, taking into account his or her peculiarities, individual pace and sensitive periods of development. That is why the idea of Maria Montessori and her method turned out to be so close to us, and we built the environment and the training program in accordance with these principles.
The method itself is a holistic system whose goal is to educate a psychologically healthy, self-confident, active, successful, socially adapted personality, and education is a means of achieving this goal.

A Montessori classroom is a specially prepared developmental environment, with low shelves along the walls and special didactic materials on them. An important point is that each of the materials is available in a single copy. This teaches children to negotiate joint work or to take turns in work.

All the materials are extremely attractive to children, many of them are invented and sewn by hand, which makes our kindergarten absolutely unique and inimitable.

The whole environment is divided into several zones

The zone of practical life

Here children learn to master important skills needed in everyday life: they learn to pour water, fasten buttons, tie shoes, shine shoes, iron and fold clothes. In this area, we place materials for chemical and physical experiments.

The zone for working with water

Here kids wash dishes, do laundry and take care of flowers.

The math zone

Instead of numbers and examples that correspond to our understanding of mathematics, we see shelves with strange-looking aids on the wall: rods, cubes and chains of beads, wooden plates, long rods with segments. All of this is a unique Montessori mathematical material that allows children to learn mathematics not as something abstract, but as something quite concrete and tangible.

The language zone

On the shelves there are wooden plates with rough letters, many cards, as well as boxes with objects for learning sounds, on the wall there is a soft module with letters for teaching words, and under it a large alphabet with capital letters.

Space education zone

Its shelves are lined with many interesting books and materials: a globe of continents, a world map, a microscope for studying insect specimens. There are also models of geographical landscapes, various materials for studying nature and space, which are incredibly attractive to children.

Sensory development zone

This is a space filled with objects that help to develop and refine the child's perception of color, size, weight, sound and smell. These are classic Montessori aids: a pink tower, brown steps, colored plates, noise cylinders.

Each of the activities, whether it is rest or work, is chosen by the child himself, and he also decides how long he will be engaged in this or that.

The organization of the space is based on the characteristics and interests of the specific children who attend our School. Our philosophy is based on an understanding of the child's developmental processes, his/her desire for development: autonomy, independence, intellectual growth, development of speech and social skills.

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